Bobby D Calhoun

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  1. Rita McWhorter says:

    I enjoyed very minute of this interview. So many names of people I remember and things Cecil used to talk about. Bobby was always Dan’s favorite nephew. He and Buddy both. I wish he could have seen this, he would have loved it. Good job, I am glad you are doing this, your web page is a treasure.
    Bobby didn’t tell about the time Sam went to Blake Duncan’s to take Bobby to eat and was driving around Angelo with a dead bloated pig on his back bumper, he had meant to haul it off and forgot~

  2. Johnny Seay says:

    Cullen was always good for three yards. That’s why we called him “three yard Galyen”. When Button asked about the girls in your class, you didn’t mention the Briggs sisters! Patsy Durden wasn’t the ONLY pretty girl in Christoval. Admittedly unremarkable, I was the only center on your football team for two years! Pugh Park dust bowl was fun, it made a cherry lime at Simpsons Drug taste pretty good. Playing 60 full minutes of football was a challenge, Cullen played FB and left linebacker, I played Center and right linebacker.

    See you at the reunion.

    John Seay,
    Turned 81 last week, also a Korean Vet.

  3. Sherree Calhoun Redzierez says:

    I watched this interview and cried almost the whole time, These memories came flooding back. I loved the river at Christoval ,I grew up with access to the river and I have so many wonderful memories of this place I called my second home. We all gathered every year for the fourth of July and I remember everything that happened , it was so wonderful to live back in the day when life was so easy. The only real care you had ,was how quickly you could eat and wait an hour for you’re food to settle , before you could go swimming. This was the life, my brother and my cousins and I slept in tents on the river bank and told ghost stories half the night, then none of us could sleep ,because we were scared to death. We were sure that there was a ghost up on the hill that rode a paint horse. We all thought for sure it existed . I grew up believing this and never went out there with out thinking that the ghost was watching me. I loved being out there in the summer every year, when our school break would start, we were headed to the river. I loved to get up in the morning and go exploring by myself, I would see rabbits, deer, skunks, bobcats, and every other critter you could imagine. The funny thing they wouldn’t run away they seemed very calm when I was there and they just kept doing their on thing with no concern of my presence . I guess that’s why I grew up loving animals so much, I felt I was one with them. That was the time of my life I wouldn’t change anything. I have such fond memories of the river and all my quality family time out there. Those days are gone and I miss them dearly, times are not the same anymore , but I have it all in my head, so I won’t forget life when it was so simple and cares were wild and free . May the river always run the way it did those many years ago.

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