On The Road Again!


I got a great slice of Texas life when I stopped at a fresh peach stand. Check back soon for new little stories of sites and people along the way, as I travel on this journey with Ajax.

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  1. Cindy Lewis-Williams says:

    I really enjoyed the “Christoval Remembers” web page. Your Journey and the interviews were great. I was excited to see the pictures, I saw my dad and my aunt in them.
    My dad was John “Bud” Lewis.
    I attended a reunion with him in 1997.
    It is a great memory!
    My Aunt (“Jackie” Agnes La Nell Lewis) was married Robert “Bob” Pardee, Jack’s brother.
    My Uncle, Tom Lewis is buried at the Christoval Cemetery, next to his childhood friend.
    It’s a small world, my mother-in-law (Billie Reams) also attended Christoval High School. She is a few years older than my dad so they did not know each other in school. Her parents at one time run the bath house there (Ray and Agnes Reams).
    Her and my father-n-law also attend the reunion in 1997.
    I will have to say the weekend of the 1997 Christoval Reunion is a memory I cherish.
    My Grandfather worked for Mr. Johnson at the Door Key Ranch. Floyd Taylor Lewis and Ollie Maude Lewis were my grandparents.
    I have passed on the dates of 2011 Reunion to my Aunt Jackie, maybe we will be there this year.
    Keep up the good work! Christoval Remembers is awesome!

  2. Sylvia Pate says:

    Earl “Button” Calhoun, the work you do is genius and your contribution to Christoval…so generous. Thank you for your ongoing effort to remind us of its’ amazing history and legacy.

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