Dust Storm

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  1. Tom Clay says:

    I think this is the one that actually took the paint off cars.

  2. Johnny Moats says:

    In May of 1955 my family moved from Oklahoma to Texas so that my father could follow the oilfield industry that was booming at the time. I was at the end of my third grade year and finished it in Christoval. I have vivid memories of the river and the swinging bridge and a “haunted house.” The thing that I remeber most, however, was the dust storm. My mother, myself and my younger brother were returning from town to a place we had rented just outside of town when out of nowhere it hit us and the sky turned completely black and you could not see your hand in front of your face. My mother was terrified and so was I. It did not last long and I saw cars with the paint completely peeled off of them. We had a white 1953 Buick and it had some damage but not like some of the others. I have told others that story and I am not sure they believed me, but now I have a picture to prove it. Thank you for that.

    Johnny Moats

    Chickasha, OK

  3. jim bean says:

    just a note to let everyone know, that picture of the dust storm was made by my dad, jim bean
    from his studio there at the Village Shopping Center.

    regards, jim bean, jr

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